Monduran’s mild winter has kept the barra bites coming.

We have had a mixture of wind directions from day to day over the last month making it difficult to pin point grouped up barra, but when the wind stabilises the bites come thick and fast. Through the winter period we can normally expect water temps to get lower than 17 degrees, these low water temps can be detrimental to the feeding patterns and survival of barramundi as they are a tropical / sub-tropical species. This year has been one of the mildest I can remember and the barra have been actively feeding all season due to water temps reaching no lower than 20 degrees. This means their growth rate will be faster than normal.

It’s been encouraging to see more and more anglers seeking advice prior to arrival for this impoundment. It makes sense, and it could be the difference between finding, catching and boating fish or not even finding fish at all. Some governing factors and questions that should be looked into before planning your Mondy expedition are:

* Keep an eye out on the previous weeks wind forecast prior to your arrival as this will give you a hand full of windward points and bays to start your search. Also have a look at a fisherman’s almanac to see when bite times have been predicted throughout the month, these predicted bite times have proven to be very accurate.

*Seek local knowledge on what lures have been working well, there is no doubt that all barra lures will work at some point in time, but there is no doubt that different lure sizes, colours, swimming actions, plastics and hardbodies can vary in performance at different stages of the year.

*If you are a first timer on the lake or you have been here before and had little success, and would really like to learn how to fish this lake with confidence, booking a guide at the start of your fishing trip can prove to be priceless. Monduran has a few nicknames, one being “The lake of a thousand casts” it can also seem daunting to a lesser experienced angler because of the sheer size of the lake. By obtaining the knowledge of a guide you will realise that this saying is very misleading and there is no reason to throw a lure thousand times before getting a barra in your boat. A guide will teach you where to find feeding barra and explain why they are there, show you what lures and retrieval techniques have been working best at the time, explain to you what times throughout the day are best to target these fish along with showing many other tricks of the trade.

Our staff and I look forward to seeing you here at Lake M for what should be an awesome season ahead. If you require any info regarding camping, caravaning or accommodation please contact our helpful staff on 07 4157 3881 or email us at For fishing info you can contact me on 0410599147 or check out my facebook page Lake Monduran Guidelines Fishing Charters.